Dine amidst the desert dunes

Relax with sea views

Every dish is an ode to Qatar

Jiwan presents Qatari cuisine in a new, exciting way.  Offering a lighter, refined, reimagined menu that shines a light on local produce. Familiar dishes rooted in Qatar’s past have been evolved with a modern twist that takes them forward to the future.

The seasonal menu, which changes to offer fresh local ingredients, reflects Alain Ducasse’s philosophy: to offer cuisine that vibrates to the rhythms of nature.

Conversations flow

In Qatar, the mark of a person is the way they treat their guests. Jiwan’s menu and service reflect our generous hospitality – every effort is made to make you feel comfortable in our company.

We believe that comfort comes from being able to relax and enjoy time with your guests. Our sharing dishes are placed at the center of the table, enabling everyone to enjoy a taste of everything together.

A stage for great storytelling

At the table you’ll discover the meticulous attention to detail we’ve paid to sourcing tableware and glassware that continues the Jiwan story. 

Handcrafted plates and bowls made by artisans from around the world pay homage to the desert and the sea. Simple yet sophisticated glassware evokes the nation’s pearl legacy. Every element on the table reflects Qatar’s distinct landscape and culture. 

As calming as the desert sands